5 Ways to Add Luxury to Your Home


5 Ways to Add luxury to your Home

Luxury is in the details. We all know how convincing a counterfeit bag can be but the details always tell. In the case of your One Oak home, the amenities, quality, and attention to detail take your home from nice to luxurious. Keep up that detail throughout your home for first-class living in your custom build. Take it to the next level with these 5 design tips for elevating your home.


Incorporate textures, not just colors!

Whether your style is lush velvet in the sitting room or imported Pima cotton for ultimate comfort, texture matters. Tie in your color story with your fabric choices to round out your design. 

When working with a designer on your custom build, make sure to communicate your vision from the beginning. They’ll be able to help you with big-picture designs and plan for the granular, important details like the juxtaposition between the texture of your sofa and flooring.


Don’t shy away from maximalism! More is more.

So much of modern design takes a minimalist approach. While less is sometimes more, incorporating bigger, bolder pieces in your design allows you to showcase your personality.

Focusing a room around a central statement piece like an exceptional chair or a unique chandelier will tie a maximalist room together without it feeling cluttered. This is also a great way to show off treasures from your travels.


Luscious landscaping.

Take luxury outdoors with truly inspired landscaping. When building in Stone Canyon, take the Sonoran Desert landscape into account. Use the slopes and valleys of your land to create hidden grottos filled with resilient cacti and rock gardens perfect for meditating on how grateful you feel to own this slice of desert paradise.

Create manicured gardens or keep your landscape wild, it’s up to you! When building with One Oak, we’ll disrupt a few saguaro cacti by necessity but we’ll move or replant them so you’ll always have your own.

Your vision is the most important part of your One Oak journey. Make sure that vision is executed perfectly in the landscaping. This could mean adding an infinity pool for endless views or decorative ironwork to deter the wildlife while complementing the surrounding desert.



Don’t forget the kitchen!

Always design around your lifestyle. If you frequently entertain, make sure all of your shared spaces are set up for flow between dining, outdoor, and the kitchen. If you plan to have dinner parties or large gatherings, a large, fully-stocked kitchen is a must. Even when you’re having a quiet brunch at home, a luxurious kitchen can make or break your morning. 

Your priority could be purely aesthetic; why not create the French chateau kitchen of your dreams? Or you could focus on utility with state-of-the-art appliances and tons of room for storage. Or don’t choose! Luxury can mean incorporating functionality with frivolity.


No ceiling on the beauty of your home.

Remember to look up! Everything from floor to ceiling matters. Height can change a room but so can beams, molding, and color. From a vaulted foyer to oak beams in the open concept living area, the design of your ceilings can change your rooms. Welcome guests with arches that evoke strength and molding that inspires daydreams of summers spent in European villas.

Use your ceilings to create flow from one room to the next. Do you want guests to make their way naturally from the living room to the indoor/outdoor deck? Do you want to feel guided toward your bedroom at the end of a long day? Let your feet and design carry you to your oasis.


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